Rotary District 's 1190 Biggest Ever Project

Monday 2nd Nov 2015

Rotary District 's 1190 Biggest Ever Project


After almost 3 years of discussion, fund raising and form filling came very welcome news from The Rotary Foundation in America that a Global Grant Application (GGA) to benefit 15 “Under 6 Centres” in different parts of Southern Malawi had been approved.

The GGA is to the value of $122,222 US dollars. Six of the fifteen Centres are new build shells requiring fitting out and 9 Centres are old buildings needing refurbishment.

It is the biggest project ever undertaken by District 1190 in terms of numbers of Rotary Clubs involved and in financial terms. Overall it is a multi Club, multi District project hosted by the Rotary Club of Limbe in the District of Blantyre, Malawi.

The Limbe Club has supplied much of the detailed research needed for the GGA and will closely monitor the progress of the project. Peter Doughty, International Chair of the Rotary Club of Kirkham and Rural Fylde has dealt with the complexity and details of this totally electronic application with great persistence. Duncan Hamlett, International Chair of the Rotary Club of Lunesdale has enthusiastically raised necessary funds for the GGA from Rotary Clubs.

The response has been amazingly generous. In total 29 clubs have made donations, 25 of which are in District 1190. Our District generously doubled the amount raised by the Clubs. Donations have come from as far north as Langholm and Carlisle, many places in Cumbria, parts of Yorkshire, and Lancashire. The aims of the project are to deliver quality, early childhood development services by providing a safe and secure child friendly learning and playing environment. The benefits will include improved hygiene care and sanitation, efficient cooking equipment to provide essential nourishment.

In 2 of the 15 Centres boreholes will be sunk and installed which will provide clean water for the whole community. Additionally training will be given to 70 volunteer caregivers equipping them with the necessary skills to deliver better services. Mary's Meals, a U.K. based charity, which feeds approx 800,000 children in Malawi with a daily meal, has considerable expertise in local conditions and culture.

As a result this charity has been extremely helpful in providing information required for the Global grant application. The local District and Centre Managements are also committed towards the building and maintenance of their Under 6 Centres. It is the coming together and input from many people in many ways, especially Rotarians, that has determined the success of this GGA. 3,000 nursery school age children's lives will benefit enormously and the ripple effect will be immeasurable.

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