Pencils, a new perspective.

Tuesday 26th Aug 2014

Pencils, a new perspective.

The Humble Pencil Draws communities Together.

Pencils are an essential and much used aid in every school. In underdeveloped countries however where schools struggle to survive they are in short supply. Ken Kirkwood of The Rotary Club of Workington was delighted to receive a call from Kevin Farrington, MD of Derwent Recycling Services offering a huge consignment of assorted pencils. The Derwent Pencil Factory wanted to give over 1 and a 1/2 million slightly reject pencils to Rotary International projects.
Duncan Hamlett, international Chair of the RC of Lunesdale, was offered a seriously large number of pencils which he promptly accepted to give to 3 of the Club's international projects. These are Mary's Meals in Malawi, Kitale School for Orphans in Uganda and the Friends of the Children of Chernobyl.
Peter Irving, President of the RC of Lunesdale travelled to Workington to collect the consignment of pencils. Having loaded the pick-up truck his next stop was Glasgow to Mary's Meals depot from where the load would be dispatched to Malawi. A group of Rotarians visiting Kitale in October will take pencils out to the school there. Arrangements are being made to distribute pencils to the 30 satellite groups who host visits each year to the UK of children from Belarus.
This is proving to be a huge project for Rotary. It has been co-ordinated by Ken with help from Brian Earley of the RC of Bassenthwaite. Many volunteers have given their time at the start of the project to tackle the daunting task of sorting so many pencils. It is a unique and successful recycling project giving companies, organisations and individuals an opportunity to work with Rotary for the benefit of communities much less fortunate than our own.



Picture 1

In the red sweater is Peter Irving , president of the RC of Lunesdale, in the blue jacket is Ken Kirkwood of Workington RC and the man in the dark glasses is Brian Early of Bassenthwaite RC.

Picture 2

This picture is at the depot of Mary's Meals Glasgow. Peter Irving in the red shirt is President of the RC of Lunesdale, in the black and white stripped jersey is Mary's meals volunteer Alistair Neilson and behind him is volunteer James Nummey.

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