Morecambe Food Bank

Sunday 26th Jan 2014

Morecambe Food Bank

Is There A Need For Foodbanks ?

On 23rd January the speaker at The Rotary Club of Lunesdale was Annette Smith, Project Co-ordinator for the Morecambe Bay Foodbank. Her teenage son Daniel, also involved as a helper at the Foodbank, assisted his Mum as IT expert.
Annette explained that this Foodbank is associated with The Trussell Trust which is the charity behind 370 Foodbanks in the UK providing essential credibility to  the service. It has  a core team of 30 and a total of 130 volunteers,  is located in the Central Methodist Church, Green St, Morecambe and has been in operation for 4 years. People who need the services of the Foodbank can obtain a voucher from 1 of 45 voucher holders eg Citizens Advice Bureaux or the Children's Centres.
"Only A Paycheque Away" is a statement that makes you sit up and think. The hardship is mostly caused through delays in benefit cheques. The Foodbank will provide 3 days food for people in crisis. Staple foods are needed with a long shelf life ie pastas, cereals, tins etc. The Foodbank also provides Cold Boxes for those people whose heating has been cut off. Collections at supermarkets are a huge source of supply and can result in half a ton of food per day. The other 50% comes from schools, groups other organisations and the public in general.
Annette emphasised the Foodbank RESTORES DIGNITY and PROVIDES HOPE for people. It helps to prevent crime, certainly preserves health and keeps families together. Some people have questioned the need for Foodbanks. Annette's talk leaves you in no doubt that there is a very real need. Rotary members were pleased to give Annette items for the Foodbank.
 If you would like to make a donation, be a volunteer or would like further information  please tel 01524  516244 or 01524  42510





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