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In 2017 Rotarians will make a difference
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 all around the world.

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We meet on most Thursday evenings 7.30pm
at The Castle Inn, Hornby (015242 22279).
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"Lune Walk 4 UR Charity", Sunday 4th June

The walk has become an annual event and will take place again this year. 

There will be 3 walk routes, each walk route different to those of previous years:

         A walk - 15 miles strenuous              - 9am start
              B walk -  9 miles moderate                - 9.30am start
                                   C walk - 4/5 miles easy.                     -10.30am start - suitable for

It is important that all walkers choose a walk that is within their ability.
All walks will start at the Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Club LA6 2DS
Walkers are asked to register on the day and the cost per person remains at £5.
Children under 12 years are free. Walkers are encouraged to raise sponsorship money for a charity of their choice. Anybody not wishing to raise sponsorship money, if they wish, may make a donation to the popular and deserving charity North West Air Ambulance.
Participants are advised to bring a packed lunch, a drink, be suitably dressed for the weather and wear appropriate footwear.
Dogs are welcome but must be on a lead and strictly supervised at all times.
The walk presents an opportunity to enjoy some exercise, fresh air and good company. 
Why not make it a family affair, perhaps invite friends and neighbours the more the merrier.
We look forward to welcoming you. 
For further information please see www.lunesdalerotary.org.uk or tel.015242 73166



                         Kermit, Miss Piggy and the Muppets pop into a meeting  



Jonathan Warburton,  Executive Chairman of Warburton's Bakery, was given a very warm welcome as our guest speaker at the meeting on April 6th. It is a family business founded by Thomas and Ellen Warburton in 1876. Prior to his talk for approximately 2 minutes Rotary members plus many guests enjoyed a viewing of Mr Warburton's meeting with Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of the delightful Muppets. I refer of course to the company's hugely entertaining advertisement which successfully promoted sales of giant crumpets just one of the company's quality food products. There are 12 bakeries and 14 depots located around the UK providing employment for 4,500 people.  Over 2 million bakery products are produced daily including wax wrapped loaves, wraps, crumpets, pancakes and bread rolls. A top priority always is to ensure that every product is of the highest quality and as fresh as possible when it reaches the point of sale.


 Bonanza Cake Sale

This event involved 9 charities all of which had enlisted the skills of their best bakers to take part in a unique sale of home made baking. The result was amazing offering a huge selection of absolutely delicious cakes of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Customers could not resist the temptation. In addition morning coffee was enjoyed with a scone enhanced with jam and fresh cream. Yummy! As well as all that there was a selection of 5 different home made soups and bread rolls on offer for lunch.

The total amount raised was £1335


"Top to Toe"

David Taylor of the Red Cross gave a visual presentation to Club members entitled 'Top toToe'
on Thursday 23rd March. It was a challenge he undertook in memory of a colleague and to raise awareness and raise funds for ERIC Emergency Response In Cumbria. He explained how the Red Cross is a global,humanitarian network and how the + emblem is the visible sign of protection under the Geneva Convention. The 4 day challenge beginning on 5th December 2016 involved cycling, walking, kayaking and swimming starting in the Scottish Borders and finishing with an Eskimo Roll on the Southern tip of Walney Island.


District 1190 70th Annual Conference March 10th - 12th
Southport Convention Centre

Duncan Hamlett with RGBI President Eve Conway and District 1190 Governor Malcom Baldwin.

Roger Mason, Duncan with the Mayor of Sefton Ian Brodie-Brown 


Early Travellers to the Lake District
Terry Bond


Terry Bond was the Speaker at the meeting on 9th March and his period was late 1600 - 1800. This beautiful area was not a tourist centre then indeed Daniel Defoe described the area as most wild and barren and it was where people called the mountains fells! They were certainly not climbed for pleasure in that period. OS maps were introduced in the 1800s. It was a lady, Harriet Martineau, who wrote a complete Guide to the English Lakes in 1855. However it was Wordsworth's "Guide Through The District of the Lakes" which sparked mass tourism and he was the first person to propose that it should be designated a national park.


Doing Our Bit To Eradicate Polio From The World 


For over 30 years, Rotary has been working hard to rid the world of polio. This terrible disease can kill or severely disable children. There is no cure. Immunisation programmes are essential to prevent children contracting this disease. To date polio cases across the world have reduced by 99.9% from over 350,000 cases to just 74 in 2015. Over 2.5 billion children have been immunised.  


It costs just 40p to protect a child with the vaccine.

Purple is the colour in Jubilee Park, Kirkby Lonsdale

In October last year some members of the club planted 5,000 crocus corms to support the campaign to eliminate Polio from the world. They are now in full bloom and providing a lovely splash of colour for locals and visitors to enjoy in the park near Devil's Bridge.


Wow ---
What a great 112th Birthday.

Radio Lancashire


The Annual International Supper and Auction


Radio Lancashire Morning Breakfast Show

Radio Lancashire broadcast their outside Morning Breakfast Show from a Club meeting at the Hornby Castle Hotel on Thursday 23rd February. This was the day when RIBI celebrated its 112th Birthday. 12 members made the most of this opportunity to tell a wider audience about their experiences in Rotary and what being a member has meant to them. Sally Naden, the morning Show Presenter and her colleague Technical Producer Chris Thornley, enjoyed making the programme as much as the members did in taking part.

International Supper and Auction

In the evening the annual International Supper and Auction was held at Tunstall Village Hall. 72 people attended and enjoyed an excellent 2 course meal before the auction. A variety of auction "lots" was up for grabs and auctioneer Colin Greenhalgh expertly coaxed the bidding higher. An incredible £2,500 was raised from the event which will be divided amongst the international charities supported by the club. A big thank you to those people who donated an auction "lot" and a special thank you to local businesses for their generosity. 

Lakes District Estates Company

David Little


At the meeting on 16th February club President Richard Parsons welcomed David Little CEO of the company based in Kendal and which was started in 1938. David explained that in the Lake District tourism employs 16,000 people, over 16 m visit each year, it is worth £1.1 billion to the local economy and the Lake District is the most popular in the UK and has World Heritage Status. The company has a varied portfolio in the complex and constantly changing area of tourism which includes commercial and private letting property, heritage visitor attractions,

5* caravan parks, private holiday home & lodge sales and retail outlets and shopping

eg. Peter Rabbit & Friends.

Understanding and catering for the needs of visitors from both the UK and abroad plus always looking to the future is essential to its continuing success.

Visiting children from Belarus



Visiting children from Belarus in front of a Wigwam on Woodclose Caravan Park.

North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes provide Emergency Service.


At the meeting on 2nd February club members welcomed Steve Dunstan a volunteer of the

North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes. 

NHS transport facility closes at 6pm and prior to 1981, and the start of the service offered by Blood Bikes, taxis were used to provide emergency services after this time and throughout the night. Blood bikes is the informal name for a type of emergency medical service in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Volunteers provide an unpaid motorcycle courier services to hospitals and other healthcare providers, to help with the transport of urgent blood, tissue organs, patient notes and samples from path labs. Blood bikes have been in operation in England since 1962. They volunteer from 7pm-2am during the week and do a 24hr service at weekends covering the area from Barrow in Furness in the north to Manchester in the south. When required they work in relays down the length of the U.K. The success of the service is dependent on a large and dedicated back-up team a hugely important part of which are the fundraisers. There are now 26 groups in the country. 


Congratulations to Duncan.


                 The club is delighted to learn that Duncan Hamlett is the recipient of a
                                    BEM Queen's  Honours List Award for 2017.
                                 In the words of our President Richard Parsons:
                   "This is due reward for his selfless dedication to a wide range of charities
                                 and community causes both within and outside Rotary"

Life of a Magistrate

Dave Lewis, one of the members, gave a job talk about the 24 years he spent as a magistrate. He was sworn in with a glass of orange juice! Three magistrates, all with the same powers, sit on the bench and the one in the middle is the chairman. The Clerk of the court is very knowledgeable. Dave stressed that the dignity of the court must be maintained at all times. Several anecdotes were recounted eg a woman who was given the option of a £40 fine or prison for 7 days---the fine was paid in 2 hours! Dave volunteered to be Vice Chair of the Youth Bench dealing with youth offending teams which came up to Lancaster after 10 years. We learned that appeals are heard in a Crown Court. After 24 years Dave was given a Long Service Award and a certificate of good service which was signed by Judge Judge! The ceremony at Preston was celebrated with a glass of orange juice. Some things don't change.










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