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We meet on most Thursday evenings 7.30pm
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This Cake Sale will provide a unique fundraising opportunity for a limited number of charities on a first come first served basis. If you are associated with eg a Scout group, Girl Guides, Nursery, Air Ambulance, Church, Cancer Care etc then this will be of interest to you. There will be a nominal charge of £5 per charity to cover costs.

The Cake Sale will take place in the Lunesdale Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale from    

10.30am - 2pm.

Charities taking part are requested to encourage family, friends and neighbours to bake and donate delicious cakes for sale on the day. The more cakes the better. All the proceeds of the cakes sold by the participating charities will be for them. There are superb bakers in the villages throughout the Lune Valley and the variety of cakes is great eg Victoria Sponge, Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate, Coffee, Ginger, Fruit and not forgetting the ever popular Cup Cakes all of which and more we hope to have an excellent choice of for the sale. Please put your baking skills to good use by supporting the event, providing a treat for the taste buds, and helping worthwhile charities in the process. 

If you personally and independently wish to bake and donate a cake the Rotary Club would be delighted to hear from you.

Tea/coffee, and yes of course, a piece of cake will be on sale during the morning and soup and a roll will be on sale at lunch time.

To take part or for more information please leave a message as soon as possible on the contact section above 

or tel 015242 73166.


Lakes District Estates Company

David Little


At the meeting on 16th February club President Richard Parsons welcomed David Little CEO of the company based in Kendal and which was started in 1938. David explained that in the Lake District tourism employs 16,000 people, over 16 m visit each year, it is worth £1.1 billion to the local economy and the Lake District is the most popular in the UK and has World Heritage Status. The company has a varied portfolio in the complex and constantly changing area of tourism which includes commercial and private letting property, heritage visitor attractions,

5* caravan parks, private holiday home & lodge sales and retail outlets and shopping

eg. Peter Rabbit & Friends.

Understanding and catering for the needs of visitors from both the UK and abroad plus always looking to the future is essential to its continuing success.

Visiting children from Belarus



Visiting children from Belarus in front of a Wigwam on Woodclose Caravan Park.

North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes provide Emergency Service.


At the meeting on 2nd February club members welcomed Steve Dunstan a volunteer of the

North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes. 

NHS transport facility closes at 6pm and prior to 1981, and the start of the service offered by Blood Bikes, taxis were used to provide emergency services after this time and throughout the night. Blood bikes is the informal name for a type of emergency medical service in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Volunteers provide an unpaid motorcycle courier services to hospitals and other healthcare providers, to help with the transport of urgent blood, tissue organs, patient notes and samples from path labs. Blood bikes have been in operation in England since 1962. They volunteer from 7pm-2am during the week and do a 24hr service at weekends covering the area from Barrow in Furness in the north to Manchester in the south. When required they work in relays down the length of the U.K. The success of the service is dependent on a large and dedicated back-up team a hugely important part of which are the fundraisers. There are now 26 groups in the country. 


Congratulations to Duncan.


                 The club is delighted to learn that Duncan Hamlett is the recipient of a
                                    BEM Queen's  Honours List Award for 2017.
                                 In the words of our President Richard Parsons:
                   "This is due reward for his selfless dedication to a wide range of charities
                                 and community causes both within and outside Rotary"

Life of a Magistrate

Dave Lewis, one of the members, gave a job talk about the 24 years he spent as a magistrate. He was sworn in with a glass of orange juice! Three magistrates, all with the same powers, sit on the bench and the one in the middle is the chairman. The Clerk of the court is very knowledgeable. Dave stressed that the dignity of the court must be maintained at all times. Several anecdotes were recounted eg a woman who was given the option of a £40 fine or prison for 7 days---the fine was paid in 2 hours! Dave volunteered to be Vice Chair of the Youth Bench dealing with youth offending teams which came up to Lancaster after 10 years. We learned that appeals are heard in a Crown Court. After 24 years Dave was given a Long Service Award and a certificate of good service which was signed by Judge Judge! The ceremony at Preston was celebrated with a glass of orange juice. Some things don't change.



Trip to Copenhagen and Romania

Esme Morgan


At the meeting on 24th November members welcomed the speaker Esme Morgan who is currently a pupil at Lancaster Grammar School. Esme came to tell us about her experience firstly with the Kirkby Lonsdale Rangers to the World Jamboree at Copenhagen and secondly with the Guiding Association to do some voluntary work in Romania with disadvantaged children and their families. The talk was illustrated with photographs and Esme gave a very good account of both aspects of her trip which clearly illustrated the extremes between the two experiences.




Rotary Youth Enrichment Programme

Castle Head Field and Study Centre

Members gave a very warm welcome to Mr Collin Tomlinson Deputy Head of Wennington Hall School, Mrs Pam Eckersley Secretary and two 14 year old boy pupils. The 2 boys had successfully come through a selection process to attend a week's RYPEN course,sponsored by the Club, at Castle Head, Field and Study Centre near Grange over Sands. The course is designed to assist young people to discover untapped potential and gives them an opportunity to boost their self confidence and to develop belief in their own abilities. It is a highly motivational course based on adventurous activities and team building exercises. Both boys gave a clear account about their opinion of the course and how they felt it had been of benefit to them. They told of how it gave them a chance to be part of a team which involved getting along with other people on the team, learning to be competitive against 2 other teams, to use their initiative and at times the use of leadership skills. The activities included ghyl scrambling
(a favourite of both), rock climbing, willow cutting to control deforestation and finally an overnight camp expedition on the Lakeland Fells carrying a 60 litre backpack. They pitched tent in cloud and kept warm with 3 in the tent! Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were keen to stress that the skills they learned would benefit them in later life. At the end of the talk Mr Tomlinson expressed thanks and appreciation from both the school and the boys for the opportunity they had been given by attending the course.


Children in Need 2016


Rotarians Collected £1006

Rotary Club of Lunesdale with Booths support Children In Need.

Members of the Rotary Club of Lunesdale were pleased and proud to join with Booths store in Kirkby Lonsdale to support the annual nationwide appeal for the charity Children In Need.

During the week, prior to the  national appeal on Friday, Alison Avery and Katy Parker organised with their store colleagues to bake cakes at home and to hold a cake sale within the store. This was a great success and raised £500. In addition, within the store on CIN day, over £500 was raised at the cash-outs within the store. Meanwhile outside the store for the whole day, members of the Rotary Club greeted customers where lots of light hearted banter was exchanged and enjoyed. The collection buckets became progressively heavier and by the end of the day the Rotary Club members collected £1,006. Between the store and the Rotary Club a total in excess of £2,000 was raised which was a truly magnificent effort due to the generosity of Booths customers at Kirkby Lonsdale. On behalf of the staff at Booths, members of the Rotary Club of Lunesdale, but above all from the children who will benefit, may we say a huge thank you to all those generous people who donated  to this very worthy charity.



Life and Times of a Sewer Rat

 On 10th November our guest speaker Geoff Wood, a retired Civil Engineer, gave a presentation and talk about his work in sewers and sewage. Working for United Utilities he was responsible for 37, 000 miles of sewers. A growing population created water contamination in rivers causing disease and death. People began to realise the essential need to separate clean water from waste. There was no means of taking sewage away and often it was simply rotting away underneath buildings.


 The Crossness Pumping Station built by Sir Joseph Bazalgett in April 1865. Now a museum.

In 1858 during an extremely hot summer, when the River Thames had become a river of sewage, thousands died and the Houses of Parliament became so smelly that MPs demanded action. Sir Joseph Bazalgette, a distinguished civil engineer of the period, proposed keeping waste water and sewage separate and so improvements began with the construction of 83 miles of interceptory sewers preventing sewage from running into the Thames and took it to the east of London where it could be put into the river with minimal effect on the population. It also involved the building of 3 major pumping stations. He made probably the single biggest contribution to the health of Victorian Londoners. It is because of his work that the Thames is now the cleanest metropolitan river in the world. And it’s because of him that cholera, along with other diseases such as typhoid, are now part of British history. Today's biggest problems in maintaining the sewers are collapses and flooding which is becoming all too frequent an occurrence.



Doing Our Bit To Eradicate Polio From The World

For over 30 years, Rotary has been working hard to rid the world of polio. This terrible disease can kill or severely disable children. There is no cure. Immunisation programmes are essential to prevent children contracting this disease. To date polio cases across the world have reduced by 99.9% from over 350,000 cases to just 74 in 2015. Over 2.5 billion children have been immunised.

It costs just 40p to protect a child with the vaccine.

Monday 24th October was "Purple4Polio" day. To promote the campaign several Club members spent 4 hours in the morning and the same on Tuesday morning planting 5,000 purple crocus bulbs in an area of Jubilee Park in Kirkby Lonsdale. The colour purple is chosen as a symbolic reminder that a purple dye is used to mark the finger of a child who has been immunised. The flowers will make a beautiful show when they flower next Spring and every year afterwards. They will be appreciated by the huge numbers of people who enjoy walking in the park.

We are proud to support this vital campaign and to help promote awareness of its importance in our part of the world.


Planting Crocus Bulbs in Jubilee Park











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